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Terms of Service : blaMall

Article 1 [Purpose)


These terms and conditions apply to the basic rights, duties and responsibilities between the company and users in relation to the use of Blabla Mall (hereinafter referred to as the 'Service') provided by Blabla ENM Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company'), as well as the conditions and procedures for use of the service. It is intended to define matters.


Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.

1. 'Service' refers to a service that allows the 'company' to release voice contents through the communication method provided to 'members', or to sponsor and collect contents through the payment method provided by the company._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

2. 'Member' refers to a customer who enters into a service contract with the company in accordance with these terms and conditions to use the   service and uses the service provided by the company.

3. 'Release' refers to the state in which content is registered and exposed to the service in a state where it can be sponsored.
4. 'Owned' refers to the state in which the released content is permanently owned through cookie sponsorship and the owned content can be viewed in full version. 


Article 3 (Explanation and Amendment of Terms and Conditions)


1. It becomes effective by posting it on the service and notifying the member.

2. In the event of a reasonable cause, the company amends these terms and conditions to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws, “Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions” and “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.” and does not infringe on the legitimate rights of members. You can.

3. The company may revise these terms and conditions by reflecting changes in the service.

4. The amended terms and conditions take effect 15 days after posting.

5. The company clearly announces the revised terms and conditions in one or more of the following ways: in-service notice, e-mail, and SMS.

6. Members who have objections to the amendment of these Terms and Conditions may withdraw from membership. However, a member who does not express his/her intention to withdraw or reject membership within 14 days after the notice despite objection will be deemed to have agreed to the revised terms and conditions.

7. If a member refuses to apply the revised terms and conditions, the company cannot apply the revised terms and conditions, and it is impossible to provide services subject to the amended terms and conditions.


Article 4 (Content of Service)


1. The 'services' provided by the 'company' to 'members' are as follows.

① Intermediary platform operation service for content transaction

② Development and operation service of 'Service'

③ Content release related business support service

④ Content information search service

⑤ Content-related advertisements and promotion services

⑥ Services determined by the 'company' in relation to other e-commerce transactions


2. The scope of the 'service' provided by the 'company' is limited to enabling the 'member' to trade content smoothly, and the 'company' is not responsible for the contents released by the 'member' .


Article 5 (Disclaimer of representation and warranty)


1. The 'Company' bears only the operational and management responsibilities for the provision of communication brokerage services as a communication intermediary, except in cases where the 'Company' bears responsibilities in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and the contents 'released' in the 'Service' We do not act on behalf of the 'member' with the 'member', and the 'member' is directly responsible for the transaction between the 'released' content and the 'member'.


2. The 'Company' refers to the existence and authenticity of the intention to release or sponsor the transaction between the 'members' in relation to the content transaction released on the 'service', except in cases where the 'company' is responsible for the 'company' in accordance with relevant laws. , does not guarantee the quality, completeness, stability, legality and non-infringement of the rights of others, the truth or legality of information and materials provided or registered by the 'member', and all risks and responsibilities related to content transactions are The 'member' is directly borne by the member.


Article 6 (Conclusion of the contract of use)


1. The contract of use between the 'company' and 'member' (hereinafter referred to as the 'member use contract') according to these terms and conditions is that the person who wants to use the 'service' agrees to these terms and conditions, and the 'service' It takes effect when you use '.


2. The 'Company' may reject, cancel, suspend, or cancel the use of the preceding paragraph if it falls under any of the following subparagraphs.


① If the product is released without following the procedure set by the 'company' at the time of registration

② In case of not filling out the required information at the time of registration or entering false information (including cases where the name of another person is stolen or the real name is not entered)

③ If a person whose use contract has been canceled by the 'company' for reasons such as violation of these terms and conditions, other contracts, or related laws and regulations, re-apply

④ If there is information that is the same as 'member' or registered 'content' information that has already signed a contract for use 

⑤ In case of insufficient facilities or technical difficulties necessary for the provision of services of the ‘company’

⑥ Other cases that violate these terms and conditions or are found to be illegal or unreasonable, or if the 'Company' judges such an application for a reasonable reason

⑦ In case of copying someone else's work without permission 

⑧ In case of violation of youth protection policy 


3. The 'company' may request the provision of evidence within the scope permitted by the relevant laws to check the accuracy of the information provided by the 'member'. In the event that a 'member' does not provide the requested data from the 'company' or provides false data, the 'company' cancels the use contract for the 'member', provides all or part of the 'service' and suspends the payment of currency exchange and other necessary measures, and the 'member' cannot hold the 'company' responsible for any damage caused by this.


Article 7 (Provision of Content)


1. When the 'member' sponsorship and collection is completed, the 'company' takes measures so that the 'member' can check the details.


2. Released contents are exposed to a large number of unspecified 'members', and 'members' who do not sponsor the content must be provided as a 30-second preview service.


3. If the content released by the 'member' violates the operating principles or cannot be used normally in the 'service' for reasons such as abnormal file upload, the 'member' who released the content bears all responsibilities.


4. 'Members' shall check the contents requested by the 'Company' in handling the report received to the 'Company' customer center and take necessary measures immediately. If the 'member' ignores this or the 'company' judges that necessary measures have not been taken, the 'company' may suspend the provision of content or cancel the transaction and refund or cancel the content sponsorship fee of the 'member' at the discretion of the 'company' .


5. If the 'company' cancels the sponsor's sponsorship ex officio due to reasons attributable to the 'member', the 'publisher' bears the cost of recovery.


Article 8 (Cancellation of Sponsorship)


1.  After the content collection is complete, it is impossible to change or cancel the sponsorship under any circumstances.


Article 9 (Service usage fee)


1. Content release amount (hereinafter referred to as 'the number of cookies') means the amount that a 'member' has to pay for collecting the contents provided by the 'member' Set the amount you would like to receive.


2. The 'Company' may create or change service fee if necessary, and the new or changed service will be notified through the 'Service' provided by the company.


3. The 'Company' may discount the number of cookies of the released content for the purpose of activating the released content. If the number of cookies for a specific content is discounted, the sponsor price for that content is calculated by deducting the discount from the number of cookies based on the pre-discount release  price.


4. The terms and conditions of use of various paid services (exchange, sponsorship, cookie charging, etc.) generated when the 'company' and 'members' use the 'services' are subject to the Blabla Paid Service Terms and Conditions.


Article 10 (Distribution of Settlement)


1. In principle, the number of cookies registered by the 'member' who released the content at the time of the content release is applied as the amount of support for the content, and the total amount of content release is calculated excluding expenses such as the 'company' fee. to do.


2. The 'company' must provide the 'service' so that the 'member' can check the contents released by the 'member'. 


3. Settlement for released content is done according to the [Paid Service Terms and Conditions] set by the 'Company'. 


Article 11 (Withholding Settlement)


1. The 'Company' may pay off the expenses incurred due to reasons attributable to the 'Member' during the payment process. 


2. The 'Company' may hold the payment to check the transaction details if false registration or fraudulent transaction is suspected, and if the 'member' resolves the suspected case, the 'member' will pay the settlement price after withdrawing the suspension._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


3. In accordance with the provisions of other laws or if there is a reasonable reason, the 'company' may notify the 'member' and suspend payment of all or part of the settlement price for a certain period of time.


Article 12 (Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, etc.)


1. 'Members' must not infringe the rights (hereinafter referred to as 'intellectual property rights, etc.') such as trademark rights, patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, copyrights, name rights, portrait rights, and publicity rights of the 'company' or a third party when using the service. It's possible. If the intellectual property rights of others are infringed, the 'members' are responsible for the problems that arise.


2. In case a 'member' claims that a third party's rights such as intellectual property rights have been infringed in relation to the contents or information registered in the service, or there are objective circumstances that make it possible to conclude that the contents or information has infringed the rights such as intellectual property rights of a third party , the 'company' may suspend the provision of all or part of the service or take other measures according to the terms and conditions until it proves through objective data that the 'member' has not infringed the intellectual property rights of a third party. there is.


3. In the event that the 'Company' raises an objection or dispute from a third party regarding the contents and information registered by the 'Member', the 'Member' shall immediately pay the 'Company' at their own expense and responsibility. ' and compensate for all direct and indirect damages suffered by the 'company' as a result. In addition, in this case, the 'Company' shall provide the maximum amount of damage or compensation that is objectively expected from the settlement price for the prevention of damages by the 'Company' and compensation for the 'Members' may take appropriate precautionary measures such as withholding payment of an amount equivalent to


4. The 'Company' may expose the contents registered by the 'Member' to the site of a third party affiliated with the 'Company' in order to encourage the 'Member' to release content.


5. 'Members' cannot use the company's trade name, trademark, logo, symbol, BI, CI, etc. unless they have obtained prior written consent from the 'company'.


6. The 'Company' may terminate the contract of use with the 'Member' or suspend the provision of all or part of the 'Service' if the 'Member' violates this Article.


Article 13 (Rights and Obligations of 'Members')


1. 'Member' refers to the Electronic Commerce Act, 『Electronic Financial Transaction Act』, 『Specialized Credit Finance Act』, 『Telecommunication Business Act』, 『Value Added Tax Act』, 『Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.』, 『Trademark Act』, You must comply with the internal policies notified in advance by the 'company', such as laws and terms and conditions related to content release in 'services', such as the 『Copyright Act』 and 『Act on Fair Display and Advertisement』.


2. 'Members' must not use other people's information or provide false information to the 'company' in the process of application and use of services.


3. If a specific license qualification is required in relation to the release of the content, the 'member' must meet the requirements and bear all civil and criminal liabilities arising from the release of the content without the license qualification.


4. In order to confirm the authenticity of the contents released by the 'member', the 'company' may request the 'member' for objective documentary evidence of this, and the 'member' must actively cooperate with this, and the 'member' If you do not comply with the request of the 'Company', the 'Company' may take appropriate measures to prevent damage to the 'Company' and third parties.


5. If the 'member' receives a request to modify the contents or release contents for a reasonable reason from the 'company', the 'member' shall modify it without delay so as not to cause any damage to the 'company' and the 'member'.


6. If the member information is changed, the 'member' must revise the information registered with the 'company', and the 'company' is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by the 'member' not applying it.


7. 'Members' must accurately respond to inquiries from other 'members' and 'company' regarding contents, etc. It must be resolved at the member's responsibility and expense.


Article 14 (Rights and Obligations of 'Company')


1. The 'Company' shall take technical and administrative measures to protect the personal information (including credit information) of 'members' so that 'members' can safely use the service.


2. The 'Company' may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of maintenance, inspection, replacement and breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, or interruption of communication, take no responsibility.


3. The 'Company' bears no guarantees or responsibilities, except when the 'Company' is responsible for the information, data, facts, reliability, accuracy, etc., provided or posted by the 'Member' in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Do not.


Article 15 (Protection of Personal Information)


1. 'Members' may not use other people's personal information acquired in the process of using the service for any purpose other than the purpose for which they were provided. You must immediately indemnify the 'Company' and solve the problem.


2. Despite the fact that the 'Company' has paid considerable attention to the protection of personal information, if a specific 'member' violates this Article and leaks or uses other people's personal information, the 'Company' is not responsible for it .


3. For the protection of personal information, the 'company' may take measures to make the personal information of 'members' disclosed to 'members' private for the purpose of providing contents, etc., after a considerable period of time has elapsed.


4. The 'Company' may submit related data when the 'Company' requests the provision of information about the 'Publisher' from the 'Company' in accordance with the lawful procedures stipulated by related laws such as the Telecommunications Business Act.


Article 16 (Confidentiality)


The 'Company' and 'Member' are the list of members provided or acquired from the other party in the process of providing and using the service, except when requested by the police, prosecutors, courts, or other government agencies in charge of investigations or investigations according to relevant laws and regulations. , technical information, production and release plans, know-how and other confidential information must not be provided or leaked to a third party, and such information must not be used for purposes other than the performance of the contract of use.


Article 17 (Prohibited Acts)


'Members' shall not engage in the following acts.


1. Purpose of relaunch or discount, refund policy, member compensation policy without intention for direct use (including failure to present proof of direct use) using one's or a third party's ID or account that has not been authenticated , acts of repeatedly or mass-sponsoring or appearing to have sponsored the content of oneself or a third party in the ‘Service’ for the purpose of obtaining unreasonable profits by increasing the amount of display, etc.; Acts of illegally or abnormally using the 'Service' alone or in collusion with a third party, causing the 'Company' or other persons to take an unfair advantage and causing damage or loss to the 'Company' or others


2. With respect to the content being released on the 'service', a type of transaction that excludes 'member' and 'service' (hereinafter referred to as 'direct transaction'), or offers 'direct transaction' to 'member', or accepting such an offer;


3. An act of misrepresenting or omitting important information of the content, registering the content in a category not related to the content, or registering keywords that are not related to the content in the content name or content information


4. Duplicate registration of the same content (same content or content with a similar composition to the extent that there is no substantial difference in the case of a different content name, etc.)


5. Counterfeit products (including cases where a sequential transaction relationship with the trademark holder is not verified or genuine product certification has not been obtained from the trademark holder), as well as intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights such as trademark rights, patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, and copyrights of third parties Infringe on the rights of third parties as described above by releasing content or through content information or advertisements


6. Acts of using personal information such as 'members' provided or acquired in the course of service use for purposes other than the purpose of the contract for use, such as sending an advertisement text message, marketing or other use without the prior consent of the 'member', or providing or leaking personal information to a third party


7. Failing to respond appropriately to members due to violence, threats, profanity, sexual harassment, refusal of refund without basis, intentional avoidance of response, or other intentional or gross negligence against 'members'


8. Others Although there is a reasonable doubt (including the case where a report is received from a legitimate right holder) that it falls under any one or more of the subparagraphs of this Article, the 'company' has requested the 'member' for an explanation and objective evidence. Notwithstanding, the 'member' fails to provide an explanation or objective evidence for it, or falsely explains or submits false evidence


Article 18 (Compensation for Damages)


The 'Company' and 'Member' (including those who fulfill the rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions on behalf of one of the parties through the 'Company' or 'Member' employees, agents, and other contractors and delegations) intentionally or negligently In the event that damage is caused to the other party in violation of the relevant laws, these terms and conditions, the 'Blamole Terms of Use' or other previously announced policies of the 'company' for other responsible reasons, the attributable party shall compensate the other party for the damage caused by this. Responsible.


Article 19 (Cancellation of the contract of use, etc.)


1. A 'member' may cancel the 'use contract' at any time by requesting the 'company' to withdraw from membership. However, the 'company' may refuse or withhold the consent of the 'member' to withdraw from membership to the extent necessary for the arrangement of the contractual relationship of the 'member' with the 'company'.


2. If one or more of the following reasons occurs to a 'member', the 'company' may suspend the provision of all or part of the 'service' (including but not limited to, suspension of content release and content exposure, etc.) not), termination of the 'use contract', and other measures in accordance with the 'blamall Terms of Use'.


① In case of any of the prohibited acts in Article 17


② If it falls under any of the subparagraphs of Article 6 (2)


③ In case of infringing on the legal or contractual rights, honor, credit or other legitimate interests of the 'company' or a third party in relation to the use of the 'service'


④ In the event that the 'company' interferes with the smooth operation of the 'service' or the smooth use of the service by other 'members' or 'members' or attempts such interference


⑤ In case of not correcting it within 7 days after receiving a request for correction from the 'company' in violation of related laws or these terms and conditions


⑥ Fulfillment of obligations under these Terms and Conditions due to suspension of transactions of financial institutions such as bankruptcy, commencement of rehabilitation and bankruptcy procedures, closure or suspension of business, suspension or cancellation of business, disposition to preserve major assets, business transfer and merger, etc. If this is not possible


⑦ In the event that the 'company' suffers loss of reputation or credibility or other tangible or intangible damage due to violation of public order and morals or other socially negative issues in relation to 'members' or 'members' contents


⑧ Other cases where the 'company' determines that it is necessary to take measures in accordance with this paragraph to the 'members' for reasonable reasons.


3. In spite of the fact that the 'member' falls under one or more of the reasons in each subparagraph of the preceding paragraph and the 'company' has taken the corresponding measures, the 'member' intentionally or negligently intends to avoid the effect of the 'company' measures. In the case of repeating the same or similar acts, the 'company' takes measures beyond the existing measures, including immediate termination of the 'use contract', within the scope allowed by the relevant laws and these terms and conditions and other policies of the 'company'. can be taken.


4. If the 'company' intends to terminate the 'use contract' with the 'member' in accordance with this article, the 'company' notifies the 'member' of its intention to terminate and the reason. In this case, the 'company' may give the 'member' an opportunity to explain for a certain period of time.


5. Even if the 'company' terminates the 'use contract' in accordance with this Article, the 'member' shall take necessary measures, such as cancellation of application for currency exchange for contents that are not completed until the termination of 'use contract', correction of contents information, cancellation of release, etc. must do.


6. Termination of the 'use contract' in accordance with this Article does not affect the claim for damages pursuant to the preceding Article.


Article 20 Competent Court

① If there is a disagreement or dispute between the company and the user regarding the use of the service, it must be resolved amicably by agreement between the two parties.

② If the resolution is not resolved in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the jurisdiction of the lawsuit shall be determined in accordance with the Civil Procedure Act.

③ The interpretation and application of these terms and conditions shall be based on the laws of the Republic of Korea.

Addendum <March 25, 2022> (Effective Date) These Terms and Conditions will be effective from March 25, 2022.

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