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Terms of Service : blabla

Article 1. Purpose

The purpose of this terms is to define the conditions and proceedings of service use between blabla ENM Corp.(the "Company") and users, rights·obligations and responsibilities, and other necessary matters in regards to users' using the service who join blabla and all services related to blabla (the "Service") that are provided by company.


Article 2. Definition of terms

1. "Show" means a livestreaming which users can start at blabla.

2. "Party" means a group-type community room which users can open at blabla.

3. "User" means a customer who closes a using contract with company under this terms in order to use the sevice and use the service that is provided by company.

4. "Host" means users who open and manage contents.

5. "Member" means users who have joined Party rooms.

6. "Participant" means users who participate in and listen to contents of Show or Party and chat online.

7. "Cookie" means the item which participants or members sponsor for hosts.


Article 3. Elucidation, Force, and Amendment of terms

1. This terms takes effect by publishing on the sevice and announcing to users.

2. In case rational reason have occured, company can amend this terms within a range that does not violate the related law "the law regarding regulation on terms of service" and "the law regarding the promotion of information and communications network use and protection of information", and etc. and does not invade just right of users.

3. Company can amend this terms to reflect changes of service and etc..

4. Amended terms takes effect after 15 days from published day.

5. Company clearly announces the guidance of amended terms by one or more ways among announcement in the service, sending e-mail, or sending short message service.

6. Users who have an objection regarding amendmet of this terms can withdraw. However, we users who do not withdraw or express intention to refuse within 14 days from the announcement even though they have an objection may be deemed to agree to amended terms.

7. If users reject application of amended terms, company cannot invoke amended terms and provide the service that amended terms is applied.


Article 4. Provision of the service

(1) Company can provide sponsorship items to the service.

(2) If company provides sponsorship items to the service, charge for items is paid by payment method determined by company such as credit card, mobile payment, and etc..

(3) Company can restrict service use to users who do not input their essential informations such as name, e-mail, birth date, and etc.. However, company has to notify this content to users.

(4) Company can require verification to users for smooth service.

(5) Company can temporarily stop offering the service if there is repair and inspection of communication facilities, replacement and trouble, communication breakdown or operational legitimate reason. In this case, company has to notify this to users but if there is unavoidable reason that makes company cannot to notify in advance, company can notify after the fact.

(6) Company can carry out a regular inspection when it is needed for provision of the service, and the time of a regular inspection follow as announced in the screen of provision of the service.


Article 5. Change of user infomation

(1) Users can access and edit their personal infomation anytime within the service. However, they cannot edit e-mail address, gender, birth date, and etc. that are necessary for service management.

(2) If details that have been written when users sign up have been changed, users have to notify those to company by online, e-mail, and etc..

(3) Even if there is a disadvantage that is occured because users do not notify changed details, company does not take responsibility about this.


Article 6. Duty to user's e-mail(ID) management

(1) Users have responsibility for managing their e-mail(ID) and should not make third person use it.

(2) If it is apprehended that there is leak of personal information in user's e-mail(ID), or that user's e-mail(ID) is anti-social or goes against public morals or is misunderstood as company and company administrator, company can restrict use of relevant e-mail(ID).

(3) If users recognize that their e-mail(ID) is stolen or third person is using it, users should notify this to company immediately and follow company's guidance. Even if there is a disadvantage that is occured because user do not notify this to company or do not follow company's guidance even though they have notified, company does not take responsibility about this.


Article 7. Duty of company

(1) Company does not do a deed that has been restricted by this terms and goes against public morals, and endeavors to provide the service constantly and stably.

(2) Company should have the security system for protection of personal information (including credit infromation) so that users use the sevice stably, and publish and respect Privacy Policy.

(3) If company concedes that opinion or complaint brought up by users regarding service use is reasonable, company should handle it. About opinion or complaint brought up by users, company delivers process and result to users by using noticeboard or e-mail and etc..


Article 8. Obligations of Members

(1) Members should not do the following.

① Registration of false information upon application or change.

② Use information from others.

③ Change of information posted by the company.

④ The act of collecting personal information and account information of other members.

⑤ Act used to transmit advertising information for profit without prior consent of the company.

⑥ Reproducing, disassembling, imitating, or other transforming services through reverse engineering, decompile, disassembly, and all other processing activities.

⑦ Act that interferes with the company's normal service by loading the company's server using services different from normal usage, such as using an automatic access program, etc.

⑧ Act of granting access authority to a third party other than himself/herself.

⑨ Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the company and other third parties.

⑩ Act of damaging the reputation of the company and other third parties or interfering with business.

⑪ The act of sending obscene or violent messages, images, voices, or other information contrary to public order to other members or disclosing/posting them to the service.

⑫ The act of using a service for profit without the consent of the company.

⑬ Other illegal or unfair acts.

⑭ In the case of impersonating a company's operator, employee, or company,

⑮ The act of acquiring information of another user through hacking.

(2) Members shall comply with the relevant laws, the provisions of these terms and conditions, precautions announced in relation to usage information and services, and shall not interfere with the business of other companies.


Article 9. Change of Service

(1) The company may change, suspend, or terminate all or some services provided according to operational or technical needs, if there are any circumstances or legal obstacles to the company's policy, such as difficulty in providing smooth services and deterioration of profitability, technological progress.

(2) The company may modify, suspend, or change some or all of the services provided free of charge in the company's policies and operations, and shall not compensate the members unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws.

(3) If there is a change or interruption in the content, method of use, and time of service, the content, reason, and date of the service to be changed or suspended shall be notified in advance for a period of 30 days, such as notice screen, service message, etc. However, if it is impossible to notify in advance due to suspension of services due to reasons beyond the company's control (disk failure, system down, etc. without intentional negligence by the operator), we notify you later.


Article 10. Provision of Information and Publication of Advertisements

(1) The company can provide members with various information that members are deemed necessary while using the service through announcements, service screens, SMS, e-mails, direct-message of subscribed accounts, etc. However, members may refuse to receive the above information at any time, except for answers to transaction-related information and customer inquiries under the relevant laws.

(2) Regarding the operation of the service, the company may post advertisements on the service screen, service message, and homepage.


Article 11. Managing sponsored items

(1) Members can purchase sponsorship items and sponsor them at the host.

(2) The price of the sponsored item is 100 won per piece.

(3) The host can exchange the sponsored item he received as a gift.

(4) The number of sponsored items that can be exchanged is at least 500.

(5) Other policies are subject to the terms and conditions of use of paid services.


Article 12. Copyright and management of contents

(1) Copyright of content posted by members in the service is protected by copyright law, and copyrights and other intellectual property rights for works created by the company belong to the company.

(2) Members allow the company to use the content posted within the service for the following purposes at home and abroad.

① Modifying the size of the content by converting or simplifying it.

② Reproducing, transmitting, and displaying content on other sites operated by the company and advertisers.

③ To have the media, telecommunication companies, etc. report and air the contents of the contents for the purpose of promoting the products or services of the company and advertisers.

(3) Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the following cases require prior consent from the member.

① In the case where the member's personal information or personal information is included,

② In the case where a member and an advertiser or company agree in advance to use it,

(4) Members posting content on the service is considered to allow other members to use the content within the service or the company to use it as a search result.

(5) Even if a member cancels or terminates the contract, the content posted by the member on the service will remain. However, if a member requests suspension or deletion of posting, the company must take measures in accordance with the relevant laws.

(6) In the event of integration between sites operated by the company or under the service operation policy, the company may change the publication location of the content without changing the content, and notify in advance if the post is changed, transferred, or shared.

(7) If the member's content includes in violation of related laws, such as the Information and Communication Network Act and the Copyright Act, the right holder may request the suspension or deletion of the post in accordance with the relevant laws, and the company must take measures in accordance with the relevant laws.

(8) Even if there is no request from the right holder under the preceding paragraph, the company may take temporary measures against the content in accordance with the relevant laws if the infringement of the right is recognized or in violation of other company policies and related laws.


Article 13. Attribution of Rights

(1) Copyright and intellectual property rights for services belong to the company. However, the contents of the members and works provided under the partnership contract are excluded.

(2) Intellectual property rights related to services provided by the company, such as the design of services provided by the company, text made by the company, and graphics, are owned or licensed by the company based on laws of Korea and foreign countries.

(3) Members are allowed to use the service by the company, rather than owning the service or possessing copyrights for the service under these terms and conditions, so the service can be used by members only by acquiring information or for personal use.

(4) Members shall not copy or distribute member-to-member transmission functions such as text and graphics created by the company, including the use, copying, and distribution of member status information obtained through the service for profit, except explicitly permitted.

(5) In relation to the service, the company only grants members the right to use IDs and contents according to the conditions of use set by the company, and members cannot transfer, sell, or provide collateral.


Article 14. Termination, termination, etc. of a contract

(1) Members can apply for termination of the contract through the "withdrawal" screen in the service at any time, and the company must immediately process it as prescribed by the relevant laws, etc.

(2) If a member terminates the contract, all data of the member will be extinguished immediately after termination, except if the company holds the member information in accordance with the relevant laws and personal information processing policies.


Article 15. Restriction of Use, etc.

(1) If a member violates the obligations of these terms and conditions or interferes with the normal operation of the service, the company may gradually restrict the use of the service by warning, suspension, permanent suspension, etc.

(2) Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the company may suspend its membership information immediately if it violates the provision and operation of illegal programs in violation of the Copyright Act and Computer Program Protection Act, illegal communication and hacking in violation of the Information and Communication Network Act, distribution of malicious programs, and access rights. In the event of permanent suspension of use under this paragraph, all benefits obtained through the use of the service will also disappear, and the company will not compensate for this separately.

(3) If a member does not log in for more than three months, the company may restrict the use of the member information for the efficiency of protection and operation of the operation of the member information.

(4) The conditions and details of the restriction within the scope of the restriction on use of this Article shall be as prescribed by the company's restriction policy.

(5) In the event of restricting the use of services or terminating the contract pursuant to this Article, the company notifies you through service messages, e-mails, etc.

(6) Members may file an objection to restrictions on use under this Article in accordance with the procedures set by the company. At this time, if the company admits that the objection is justifiable, the company immediately allows members to use the service.


Article 16. Limitation of Liability.

(1) If the company is unable to provide services due to natural disasters or force majeure, the company will be exempted from liability for providing services.

(2) The company is not responsible for any disability in using the service due to reasons attributable to its members.

(3) The company is not responsible for the information, data, reliability of facts, accuracy, etc. posted by members regarding the service.

(4) The company is exempt from liability for the transaction if it makes transactions between members or between members and third parties through services.

(5) The company shall not be liable for the use of free services unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws.

(6) The company is not obligated or liable to monitor the content and quality of products or services advertised by third parties through screens or linked websites in the service.

(7) The company is not responsible for the members' failure to obtain the utility expected by using the service, and is exempted from liability for damages caused by selection or use of the service.

(8) The company and its employees and agents are not liable for damages incurred in the following circumstances.

① Damage caused by false or inaccurate member status information.

② Personal damages incurred in the process of accessing the service and using the service regardless of its nature and circumstances.

③ Damage arising from all illegal access by a third party to the server or illegal use of the server.

④ Damages arising from all illegal interference or interruption by a third party to the transmission to the server or transmission from the server.

⑤ Damage caused by all viruses, spies, and other malicious programs that have illegally transmitted, distributed, or transmitted, distributed by a third party using the service.

⑥ Damage caused by errors and omission, omission, destruction, etc. of transmitted data.

⑦ Responsibility for various civil and criminal acts arising from defamation and other illegal acts arising from the registration of member status information and the use of services among members.


Article 17. Governing Law and jurisdiction

(1) Litigation filed between the company and its members shall be governed by Korean law.

(2) The court under the Civil Procedure Act shall be the competent court for litigation on disputes between the company and its members.


(Enforcement Date) These terms and conditions will take effect on November 5, 2021.

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