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Blabla Youth Protection Policy

Blabla ENM Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') establishes a youth protection policy based on the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection and the Youth Protection Act to protect youth from harmful information and help them use the Internet safely. are being implemented.

1. The right of youth to be protected
The company takes measures to protect youth from environments that harm or may harm their health. The company processes and manages youth personal information in accordance with the company's personal information protection policy. In order to provide smooth and stable services to young people, we take the best measures to ensure that the collected personal information is safely managed.

2. Restrictions on access to harmful information and management measures
The company is expanding the application of prohibition words for content or keywords harmful to youth to all services, including general search. We are systematically managing services that require adult authentication, such as limiting the scope of use.

3. Implementation of education for business workers to protect youth from harmful information
The company educates youth protection officers and service personnel on youth protection-related laws and sanction standards, how to respond when harmful information is found, and reporting procedures for handling violations.

. 4. Counseling for damage caused by harmful information and handling grievances
The company does its best to protect youth from harmful information.
We are minimizing damage by assigning a person in charge of counseling and grievance handling.

5. Youth protection through guidance to all members
The company notifies that it may be subject to restrictions on use or civil/criminal responsibilities if it acts harmful to youth through the Terms of Service and information while using the service. By spreading it quickly, we are protecting youth and all users.

6. Youth protection officer and person in charge, and contact information
The company is doing its best to ensure that young people can safely use good information.
Youth Protection Manager
Name: Lee Myung-ho
E-mail :

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