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Operation policy : blabla

Blabla manages and regulates content in the following ways for a pleasant service operation. Content includes all voice, text, images, and account-related information (nickname, unique ID, etc.), including Blasho and Blapati.


Step 1 - Receipt of user reports and real-time monitoring.

Step 2 - Check your account and check your activity.

Step 3 - Check for violations such as operational policy.

Step 4 - Measures such as warning, blind, and suspension of login.


1. Exorbitant content

① Sexual acts and similar sexual acts (sound of groaning, masturbation, oral sexual intercourse, etc.)

② Use of papilla, genitals, conspiracy, nudity, and anus exposure images (including partially covered images)

③ Use enlarged images of parts of the body, such as the chest, hip, and thigh.

④ Use an image in which a part of the body is excessively emphasized or photographed in close proximity to reveal an outline or curvature.

⑤ Exposing clothes or emphasizing parts of the body after wearing clothes that may remind you of a minor.

⑥ Use images of adult products and images that can be inferred from body exposure.

⑦ Use/reaction of images depicting sexual activity (sounds that can imagine sexual activity, such as kisses made to induce sexual moods)

⑧ Conversation of pornography in general content (words related to sexual behavior, pornographic truth games, sex education, sexual experience, sexual exposure induction, sexual patency questions, etc.)

⑨ Obscene conversations on 19+ broadcasts (sex education, inducing sexual exposure, sexual patency questions, etc.)

⑩ Use and conversation of offensive obscene words (including images)

⑪ Use and talk of obscene/forced words during the show.

⑫ Transmitting pornography and sharing information.

⑬ Use of images that confirm sexual patency (handcuffs, leash, whip, towel, sexual torture, etc.)

⑭ Inducing prostitution (including acts against conditions such as groan reaction and motel support)

⑮ Any other content that violates the relevant laws and terms and conditions.


2. Non-broadcasting and violent content

① Contents that disparage or mock the socially disadvantaged.

② Describe or transmit violent acts.

③ Glorifying a criminal act or criminal or inducing/promoting a crime.

④ Contents that blasphemy another person's personality or cause discomfort or disgust with vulgar expressions such as abusive language or verbal violence.

⑤ Any other content that violates the relevant laws and terms and conditions.


3. Disgusting content

① Using images such as including brutal scenes where the body is damaged or a large number of blood traces are identified.

② Use of images that cause discomfort, such as ghosts and suicide scenes.

③ Self-harm/suicide is glorified/recommended/broadcasted, or specific methods are indicated to induce companion suicide.

④ Mechanically plastered the chat using repetitive words/phrases that cause discomfort or programs.

⑤ Any other content that violates the relevant laws and terms and conditions.


4. Harmful content for teenagers

① Contents that can confirm that the broadcast producer is smoking/drinking directly/indirectly while the content is in progress (excluding 19+).

② Smoking/drinking image exposure (excluding 19+)

③ Contents that promote or connect the use of harmful drugs or objects for adolescents by delivering detailed information on harmful drugs or objects.

④ Encourage unhealthy relationships, prostitution, and sexual exposure to minors.

⑤ GPA for minors.

⑥ Youth flight beautification/induction/coordination (runaway, violent circle, smoking, drinking, etc.)

⑦ Any other content that violates the relevant laws and terms and conditions.


5. Illegal acts

① Sharing/promoting obscene workplaces and decadent establishments.

② Specific/realistically describe sex crimes such as sexual violence, rape, and rape, or beautify them.

③ Share information on illegal acts such as illegal gambling and drug sales, or induce and promote acts in violation of laws and regulations.

④ Individual and group impersonations.

⑤ Use/induction/information sharing of illegal programs such as hacking/attack/resident registration generator

⑥ A broadcast while driving (violation of the Road Traffic Act)

⑦ Any other content that violates the relevant laws and terms and conditions.


6. Others

① An act that interferes with the operation of a service or adversely affects the service (including manipulating data using an incidental account)

② The act of arbitrarily transmitting content of other users without permission.

③ Money transaction using an account.

④ Acts that cause damage and confusion, such as deceiving or benefiting a user by impersonating a service name or employee or service management staff.

⑤ Other acts in violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

⑥ Any other content that violates the relevant laws and Terms of Service.

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